Amaya James

Amaya is an illustrator, author, and fan of all things art. She lives in small-town Ontario, Canada, with her mom, dad, two sisters, and dog Jax.

At the tender age of four, she began taking a serious interest in drawing. Amaya started with simple sketches and following YouTube tutorials. Now, she begins creating with pencil and paper and then translates her sketches to digital art using Procreate. She also enjoys other art forms, such as singing, dancing, painting, and sculpting.

Amaya has the most vivid imagination. She often sees characters in everyday items and nature. You can usually find her with a sketchbook or iPad in hand so that she can quickly capture her ideas as they come to mind. The characters Amaya envisions are not just images; they often come with personalities, stories, and backgrounds.

At just nine years old, she published her first book, “Afro, No!” in October 2022. Her first offering explores the sometimes complicated relationship that young black girls can have with their hair and speaks to the beauty, uniqueness, and joy that comes with the pain and challenge of getting their hair done. The book was co-written by her whole family and illustrated by Amaya.

When asked what she imagines for her future, young Amaya happily responds with, “More drawing, more writing, more art!”

Amaya on Instagram @myzeelovesart

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